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A finer degree of control over the compression process is provided by WinZip , a proprietary file archiver and compressor with support for many different archive file formats.

Use the Command Line

WinZip supports banking-level security with FIPS certified or bit AES encryption, and the software can even add traceability and protect your intellectual property by adding custom watermarks to images and PDFs. If you want to restore your deleted ZIP files, you should download a robust data recovery suite such as Disk Drill. With it, you can recover virtually every file archive format in existence, including ZIP, as well as hundreds of other file formats.

Free Download. You can open and create these files directly on your Mac using built-in tools in the operating system. Just double-click a zip file on a Mac computer to uncompress it and browse it like a normal folder. Zip files are a standardized way to bundle multiple files and folders and compress them, so they take up less space.

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They're commonly used for email attachments, sending files through chat services, and downloading large collections of files such as software or photos. If you have a zip file on a Mac that you've created or someone has sent to you, and you want to open the zip folder, you only need to double-click it.

How to Zip Files in Mac OS X

The file uncompresses in its current folder, and the uncompressed version appears as a normal Mac folder that you can browse. Make sure you have space on your computer's drive because unzipped folders take up more space than the zip file itself. You can also download or buy third-party programs for your Mac that can help you manage zip files and other compressed file formats, but unless you need a special feature, that's not necessary. If you're a habitual command line user, you might find it convenient to unzip files using the MacOS Terminal.

The Simple Way to Open and Create ZIP Files

What program ie, terminal command is executed for right-click compress? I know I can use zip, tar, etc.

I tried to compress my ppt file, but it just reduced the size from 59MB to 47MB. Is there a better way to compress more so that I can send by email?

How to Zip and Unzip Files on Your Mac - dummies

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