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Find the best free to play MMORPGs for Mac including MMO games and other Mac compatible online games that run on OS X to download and play for free.

Bring your characters to life with GhostReader Plus! Prepare your classes in advance and create entertaining, high-quality podcasts for your students.

Simplify your reading experience and improve your reading comprehension or simply make studying easier. Download free trial. Discounts for educational institutions available. Purchasing for a school? Learn more. GhostReader Plus with its ability to automatically adjust voices to languages is a masterpiece.

For people who often use different languages in one text it is simply a dream come true. GhostReader is very convenient because I can change my text in real time.

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It even lets me manage the silences! Nice, clear interface with cool features such as tags that give ALL students the ability to 'get creative' with text.

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The complete Text to Speech app for Mac. Read Aloud is not exactly a stand alone Mac app but instead a Chrome extension which might appeal to some people. Considering how many posts and articles are read on the internet everyday, we had to include Read Aloud. It is completely free and once you install it, its icon will appear in the extension bar which you can now use to read any webpage or any online article, just by a single click.

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Considering it is free, the voice options are really good and feel very natural and premium. Suggesting Read Aloud is very straight forward; if you are someone who reads a lot on the internet and are looking for a free TTS software for that, nothing beats Read Aloud. Download Read Aloud from the Chrome Store. Capti Voice is probably the most polished and well rounded TTS software available for the Mac and the award are only there to justify that.

Starting off, Capti Voice uses your browser for the app to function instead of a stand alone Mac application. Capti Voice has a subscription based model and even the free version has a lot to offer from various file format supports to text search while the premium versions add features like creating playlists, OCR Support and intelligent dictionary lookup. The voices offered across all the platforms are very high quality and commendable. Overall, Capti Voice is a really compelling app with features packed to the brim and is very similar to natural Reader but with a subscription based model.

Pricing Info: Pricing Options for Capti Voice. Download Capti Voice from here. CereProc has some of the most natural sounding computer speeches available on the market, which you can use to replace the default voice on your Mac also available for other platforms.

I have A. Over the past couple of years I have switched from physical textbooks to ebooks i.


This allows me to just copy and paste a few pages and let it read to me and I go through my chapters while retaining the knowledge in a flash. If you are a student with trouble focusing, I highly suggest this. Also, if you have physical books, it WILL be a pain to try to get the text into a form that you can have something read it to you albeit, it IS possible with OCR apps and the like; just not easy. If you want to go down this path, I suggest to start the switch to ebooks.

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Another path you might want to go down is quick reading apps e. I am pretty sure I will buy the PRO version. It sounds quite good for well-written articles! I like how the digital voice even makes the sound of a person inhaling periodically as it goes.