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When Microsoft discontinued support for MSIE 5 for the Mac on December 31, , and no longer offered it for download starting January 31, , it was the "final nail in the coffin" for the browser. However, MSIE 5. Dubbed " Classilla " -- "a portmanteau of Classic for the classic MacOS and Mozilla " -- this project declares that it:.

The project website even provides a roadmap for future development. Looks quite promising.

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Prior to Classilla, the last browser developed for MacOS 8. Another fairly "modern" browser for MacOS 8. Released on February 18, , Netscape 7. This is the last version of Netscape released for MacOS 8. By putting the ability to maintain our own software in our own hands, as users of classic Macs, we ensure that OS 9 will continue to survive. Classilla has a path for maintenance and a means to improve based on a solid foundation.

With tools baked right into the browser to even let users dynamically reprogram it , we're putting our code where our mouth is. The future is in your hands, and the future's in your control.

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This isn't a dead end. Classilla isn't going to get there without your help Classilla sure needs users: But to continue to advance, Classilla needs contributors -- and you can help out even if you don't know the first thing about developing for OS 9. Become a distiller and help turn malfunctions into test cases, so that coders can devise specific, targetted fixes.

Find out how on the Classilla Wiki. Become a coder and help integrate Mozilla patches into Classilla, or even write completely new features. You don't even have to know much about Mac programming to be helpful -- if you know CodeWarrior at all, come help out.

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  • The Best Browsers for PowerPC Macs and the Classic Mac OS.
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  • The Best Browsers for PowerPC Macs and the Classic Mac OS.
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Download 9. Most bugs are ironed out between updates, but there is a definite beta pallor to iCab that colors your browsing experience a wee bit. Also, if you want the latest build of iCab, you will need to pay the registration fee.

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I decided to register my version about a year ago, because I wanted to encourage the iCab developers to keep the classic Mac OS platform relevant. I also enjoy getting access to the latest builds as soon as they are released. If you feel the same way, I'm sure the development team would love the support.

By the way, this goes for any Mac software developer. There are three ways to show how much you love a particular application:. Overall, I urge all readers to give iCab 3. You may come away impressed with what the classic Mac OS can still do for your web browsing needs.

Mac OS 9: Some Love for the Classics!

I find iCab 3. Download WaMCom here. This section will be dutifully succinct. Indeed, you are looking at the last version of Mozilla produced for the classic Mac OS. Although there are other full featured browsers, you can still get good mileage out WannaBe , a sweet, little browser.

Are there any modern web browsers for MacOS 9?:

The same comments apply from the 68k version. All the basic Opera goodies from yesteryear are still here. Tabs, popup blocker, and the flexible and quirky interface are all intact. Unfortunately, Opera is a little unstable and not terribly compatible with every site. I have not dealt with any version of Netscape past the 4. Netscape is a suite and generally contains the same basic components I listed under WaMCom: I have no real experience here, so I must ask for reader input. Way too many crashes for me while running any version of Internet Explorer IE. No tabs, no popup blocker, and slow rendering.

Okay, compatibility with websites, decent printing, and the auction manager are kind of neat.

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I refuse to provide a link, as I cannot in good conscious recommend Internet Explorer over iCab 3. If you must subject yourself to IE, I'll bet Google will help you locate the information. Good luck - you'll need it. I now implore Low End Mac readers to regale me with tales of their favorite browsers, email clients, and other web software FTP client, chat, etc. I've already received feedback on the first article, and I welcome any additional information you, the readers, can provide. Low End Mac is an independent publication and has not been authorized, sponsored, or otherwise approved by Apple Inc.

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