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This item is noncancelable and nonreturnable. Our price is below the minimum advertised price MAP set by the manufacturer. These plug-ins can be used to track, mix, and master your music as well as provide processing in voice-over applications and sound design. It includes over 60 master presets, 30 compressor presets, 60 EQ presets, and 10 gate presets.

Requires an iLok 2. In addition to peak limiting and volume maximizing, the FinalPlug features bit-depth truncation from 4 to 24 bits and has integrated dithering for mixing down from higher bit-depths.

Its peak limiter has a look ahead of 1. The plug-in supports sample rates up to kHz and can be used on mono or stereo tracks. Each pad features its own compressor, gate, and expander, allowing you to treat your frequency ranges as needed. Early reflection algorithms include halls, rooms, plates, chambers, echo, cathedral, nightclub, and ping-pong while late reflections can be selected from hall or plate algorithms. The early and late reflection sections have independent 3-band EQs to help you shape your reverbs.

Integrated envelope control allows you to create a variety of special effects such as gated or reverse reverbs while the 3-D frequency response plot of the reverb decay is visualized on the MasterVerb's GUI.


The plug-in has over 60 presets, can be fully automated, and supports sample rates up to kHz. It has separate sections to model early reflections and late reverberations, and you can select processing for loudspeakers or headphones as an intended destination. The plug-in includes a Doppler pitch effect and can be automated to create moving sounds. Home Pro Audio Computer Audio usttxrzeuyxcyvzaxytaxzvfsyrrewbftb.

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Update Unrecognized Zip Code. Reviews 0 Write a review usttxrzeuyxcyvzaxytaxzvfsyrrewbftb. Log Me In to see our price. Note the three frequency bands low, middle, and high and the low and high gains green and blue lines for each band to accentuate select low and high components of the mix. MultiDynamics works by using bandpass filters to separate the input audio into a set of one to six separate frequency bands with widths of your choosing see Fig 2.

These bands are always contiguous, so that the entire spectrum to 20 kHz is covered. Each band is processed independently, enabling you to exert precise control over key frequency regions of your mix's spectrum. That, in turn, lets you emphasize the kick drum while toning down the cymbal edge, while warming the vocal line, and so on.

MultiDynamics is surprisingly easy to use, considering its power and complexity. Though it has relatively few presets 13, not counting the templates , I was able to find 2 presets right away that significantly enhanced the presence of my mix: Medium Enhance and Bass Punch.

Wave Arts Power Suite 5

The former sharpened the flute and accordion lines, and the latter punched up the steel drums. I created a hybrid of the two, grafting the lowest band of the Bass Punch preset into the Medium Enhance preset see Web Clip 2. WaveSurround is a spatial enhancer that consists of 3-D sound and reverb components in series. It uses HRTF processing and crosstalk canceling to create the illusion that the sound coming out of two stereo speakers or headphones surrounds you.

Wave Arts Final Plug Review

HRTF, which stands for Head-Related Transfer Function, is a technology that measures how sound is transformed when it travels from an arbitrary point in space to a pair of human ears. Crosstalk occurs when one speaker of a stereo pair sends audible signals to the other ear of the listener — left speaker to right ear, right speaker to left ear. When that happens, it impairs the ability of the spatializer to place the sound convincingly at an exact location in space. WaveSurround cancels most of this crosstalk for listeners who are centered at the sweet spot halfway between the two speakers.

The reverb in WaveSurround is a simplified version of MasterVerb.

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With reverb on, WaveSurround did a decent job of bringing a sense of spaciousness to the mix; although it wasn't dramatic, it was usable. With reverb off and only 3-D sound enhancement on, however, WaveSurround did very little to the mix. The trick when using WaveSurround is to keep its onboard reverb on, but to make sure that the reverb does not interfere with reverb from another source, such as the MasterVerb plug-in. Visually oriented users will appreciate MasterVerb's two displays: In this custom MasterVerb preset used for Web Clip 3 , note the blue ball firmly inside the green recommended zone of the Time Size pad, and the relative steepness of the decay times as displayed in the 3-D graph.

More than any other effect except filters, reverb's beauty of is in the ear of the beholder. Some swear by a certain reverb unit, while others despise it just as passionately. In scouring online electronica forums, I found that MasterVerb has admirers and detractors. Though I'm not bowled over by its sound, I am one of its admirers.

I like its inviting user interface, its flexibility, and its overall quality of sound. The things I miss are internal motion control, a shimmery high-frequency edge, and more presets see Web Clip 3. FinalPlug is a peak limiter that can be used as a limiter or as a volume maximizer. Its operation is seamless from the point of view of the user: The look-ahead and attack times are fixed at 1. FinalPlug is easy to use and effective.

Wave Arts Power Suite Plug-In Bundle (AAX DSP) B&H

I used the CD Mastering preset without any fine-tuning, and it upped the presence of the final mix noticeably. The digital audio marketplace is filled with mastering software. Some masterers prefer hand-picking components, assembling a personal set of plug-ins from various manufacturers. Others prefer the convenience and stability of having one company and one mastering suite. If you fall in the latter group, consider purchasing the Power Suite for its pro-quality audio processing, its low CPU drain, its one-stop solution flexibility, and its reasonable price.

Download the free day trial version from the Wave Arts Web site, and give it a spin! Contact him at www.