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For your reference, we have included an example configuration file with this document. The configuration file includes the settings described in this example. To see the configuration details of each example configuration file, open the configuration file with Policy Manager. This example configuration uses a basic network topology, to show how the Firebox can filter all traffic between the clients on the trusted network and the public internet. All network clients must use the Firebox as their default gateway. This section describes the configuration based on the chronological order of packets we expect to see from evasive applications such as Ultrasurf.

The safest and most efficient option is to Drop requests. This causes the application to wait before it gives up and tries another strategy, and it also saves firewall resources. If you decide to Block , be aware that while this can be a very effective method to block any traffic that originates from the client when they use a Public DNS server, it can also block all Internet access from that client. This can save resources on the firewall.

How to bypass WatchGuard HTTP proxy

For this example, this proxy policy uses the default settings from the predefined DNS-Outgoing proxy action, with these changes:. To prevent connections from Ultrasurf and other similar applications, this Application Control action is configured to Drop connections for all applications in the Tunneling and proxy services category. For more complete protection, this action also restricts applications in the Media streaming services , Peer-to-peer networks , Online games , and Social networks categories. Those additional categories are not required to block Ultrasurf.

Your choice of which application categories to allow depends on your company policies. To deny unknown applications, you must be explicit about what applications are allowed, so that the default Drop action can be triggered when an application does not match.

To prevent Ultrasurf and other tunneling and proxy applications, select the Drop action for the Tunneling and proxy services category in the Application Control action. To block connections to known proxy avoidance sites, WebBlocker blocks the Proxy Avoidance category. Some proxy sites and applications can be found in any of those categories.

HTTPS Proxy and Deny Messages

To increase protection against unknown URLs, which are often involved in ransomware, you could change this action to Deny. This method will work for Windows and macOS. A confirmation message will appear. Click Add extension. In a few moments, Ultrasurf will be installed in your web browser. A new icon will appear in the icon bar near the top-right corner of Chrome. Click the Ultrasurf icon.

Enable the extension. Otherwise, slide the switch to the On position.

How to Bypass Watchguard HTTP Proxy (with Pictures) - wikiHow

Now that the extension is enabled, your web traffic will go through Ultrasurf instead of the regular network proxy. Method 2. This method will help you install the Windows version of the Ultrasurf app.

Universal HTTP Proxies on Mac

There is no Mac version of the downloadable software. Click the Free Software button. Select a download location and click OK. A zip file containing the app will appear. Communities Contact Support. Sign in. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: WatchGuard issues Safari was running slowly so I googled how to make it faster.

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