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Find the best free to play MMORPGs for Mac including MMO games and other Mac compatible online games that run on OS X to download and play for free.

Jehkoba's Fantasy Pack is a bright and colourful pack with lots of detail and creative textures. Sugarpack is a sweet and vibrant pack for anyone who loves color Everything from the vegetation to the mobs is candy-coated.

Try the new Minecraft Java Textures

This pack might make your teeth ache just looking at it. Tiny Pixels is a smooth texture pack with bright colours and a blocky 8x8 pixel design. Xenocontendi is a bright and cheerful pack that stays true to the original Minecraft textures.

This pack is perfect for RPG style builds. BoxCraft is a 16x16 simplistic texture pack with a very boxy feel.

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It is even approved by Boxxy herself. Home Realistic Themed Simplistic Other.

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Chroma Hills Designer: SycloneSJS Version: Minecraft 1. Curse Help Register Sign In.

Here is how 1. Get a texture pack 2.

Open it up 3. Select all of the files in the texture pack after you have opened it.

4 Easy Ways to Download a Texture Pack in Minecraft

After you have opened all that up, drag and drop the zip file that you just got in the other finder from compressing the files into the texture pack folder. Your Done!!!!! If you still didnt get it, visit my video on how to install it! Rollback Post to Revision RollBack. What mac users dont have that button that you can press and it opens up the file were you put the texture packs?

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